Featured Manhwa: The God of High School  by Park Yong-je

Hi guys! This will be my second post in here but actually I’ve been posting stuff on my other blog page under Blogger so if you want to check that out I’ll leave a link below.

Anyway, lets talk about the manhwa I’m featuring today. If you are like me and you’re also a big Otaku inside, I’m sure you’ll love the story of “The God of High School”.


The story is set in a modern time and focuses on a certain high school boy named Jin Mori. He believes that he is the strongest man alive and he goes around proving that to everybody. But one day he encounters a man that gave him an invitation to a certain competition for martial arts, just like the movie DOA (Dead or Alive) and that’s where the story really starts.

Jin met a lot of strong opponents and strong friends during the competition, and in the process he also found a lot about who he really was. FYI, don’t go on thinking that this manhwa is as simple as a martial arts story, it goes beyond that! Trust me 🙂



If ever you decide to read it, I’m sure you’ll instantly get hooked just like what happened to me, with jam packed action and a side dish of laughter you’ll love it in no time. Don’t worry, the story is long with 320 chapters and counting so you won’t immediately feel the sadness you usually feel when your fave manga/manhwa ends sooo soon. Do you feel me? yeah!

Here’s the link, go check it out: MangaFoxWebtoon, Mangareader


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**Disclaimer: Credits to all the photos used on this post.


  1. If you’re looking for more action manhwa to read while The God of Highschool is updating, you should definitely check out Lezhin. They have an online library of different genres of manhwa, with a large selection of it being action themed. A lot of them are still ongoing too, meaning they update often so you’ll always have something new to read. I think you would probably like ‘Inhale’ and ‘Ultimate Outcast’ the most.
    It’s also good to use Lezhin because every manhwa on the site is uploaded by the artist themselves, so when you read from their library, you’re supporting the artist. It’s a really cool and budget-friendly way to read manhwa while still supporting the creators.

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