Best-Loved Content Creators

Hi loves! As the week pass by it had me thinking, if I really wanted to get serious in my blogging game I should at least post something once a week. However, I realized I don’t have many exciting things to share (simply because I believe I’m not an “exciting” person haha 😛 )

I made some research and studied a few other bloggers, then it hit me! Maybe I shouldn’t try so hard to be exciting and captivating, maybe there will always be someone who will be interested in whatever crap I’ll share in my blog, at the very least 😀

So here you go guys, I’m sharing today my top 6 Content Creators which whom I adore and admire. They have such fun and exciting life that sometimes make you feel envious. BUT OF COURSE, we have our own lives to live and our own big breaks that will come for sure. Stay focused, patient and work hard to achieve whatever goals and dreams you have.

  1. Zoe Sugg “Zoella”

This #GirlBoss is my ultimate fave, she first started her “Online” career through blogging and later on expanded into a youtube channel. Now, she has published thee [3] books and is managing her own merchandise. Oh! She’s currently writing her first non-fiction book which will be released on the 4th October 2018.


Youtube: Main Channel

Youtube: Vlogging Channel

Instragam: @zoella

Twitter: @zoella


2. Jaclyn Hill “Makeup Goddess”

For me, she’s the make-up goddess. Jaclyn is so passionate about make-up that you can’t help but fall in love with the beauty products as well. She’s a professional MUA turned to a beauty influencer simply because she posted a tutorial for her clients to follow through. After years in Youtube, she gained a huge amount of followers and collaboration with beauty brands that helped her produce her very own make-up products, including the “Jaclyn Hill” palette through Morphe and “Champagne Pop” through Becca. Definitely check her out, she’s BOMB!


Youtube: Main Channel

Instagram: @jaclynhill

Twitter: @Jaclynhill

3. Claire Marshall “Badass MUA”

Just to clarify things, she’s a good person. It’s just that, she emanates a vibe of “Badass-ness” (if there’s such a word 😛 ) This gal is also a professional MUA and as far as I know, is still accepting clients. Claire is such a creative individual that you actually appreciate her take on editing her videos on Youtube. Also, she just released her own jewelry line called “EDGED” in collaboration with Mejuri. I’m not sure if it’s still available or being restocked because it is limited edition, still I’ll leave a link below so you can try to check it out.

Youtube: Main Channel

Instagram: @heyclaire

Twitter: @heyclaire

Jewelry Line:

4. Jenn Im “Cool-Asian Fashion Guru”

I don’t know why I named her “Cool-Asian Fashion Guru” (haha) sorry Jenn. Anyway, although I butchered my chance on naming her something cool, she is indeed a cool fashionista. She started her Youtube channel together with Sarah Chu focusing on affordable fashion finds. However when Jenn moved away to attend college, she and Sarah got separated and eventually she continued the channel by herself. Now it has  grown a huge following plus she also released her own clothing line “Eggie”.

Youtube: Main Channel

Instagram: @imjennim

Twitter: @imjennim

Clothing Line: 

5. Tati Westbrook “GlamLifeGuru”

Tati has been in Youtube for years but I just recently fell in love with her videos. From all of the ladies in this post, she’s the only one I’m not so knowledgeable about. Still, her content in Youtube is so helpful that you can not help but love her. She makes beauty reviews that is brutally honest you can definitely trust her recommendations.

Youtube: Main Channel

Insatagram: @glamlifeguru

Twitter: @GlamLifeGuru

6. Kathleen Fuentes “Kathleen Lights”

Last but definitely not least, Kathleen!! She also gives ruthless reviews on her channel so you know that if you want to buy the products she recommends, it is good. Kathleen also showcases her talent in makeup through tutorials that are easy to follow plus she’s more on the affordable side of beauty products which is a big thumbs up for me. Check out her Nail Polish line as well, another Boss Lady over here!~


Youtube: Main Channel

Instagram: @kathleenlights

Twitter: @KathleenLights1

Nail Polish:

Hope you enjoyed reading this entry. Don’t forget to like and leave some comments below, let me know if you’re also familiar with these Boss Ladies. Until next time~

Lea ♥


**This is not sponsored. Credits to the respective owner of all the photos used. 

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