First Impression: Missha Magic Cushion

It’s another entry for the Beauty Category (Wooohooo~)

Hi guys! I’ve decided to start a new segment in my blog and we shall call it “First Impression”. The introductory product is (drum roll!!)… a make-up product! What else?! 😛

A good skin care regime can help you maintain a youthful skin and  sunscreen is one of the most important part of that routine.

I have always used sunblock everyday, but it only works for a specific amount of time depending on how high or low the SPF and PA level is. So I searched for something that can be re-applied anytime of the day. That’s when I found Missha Magic Cushion (Tadaa~)


I thought to my self, it would be a good find if I purchase and tried it because it’s in a compact form so I can bring it with me anywhere. A sunscreen you can put on anytime everyday without “mutilating” your make-up 😛 , isn’t it perfect?

Anyway, that’s just my initial thoughts and of course I have to try it first in order to know if it would really be a winning product. So I bit my tongue and purchased it in Beauty MNL. (P.S. for some, maybe it would be affordable but for me, it is quite expensive)

When I received it in the mail, I didn’t get excited over the box it comes with cause it’s too simple, the packaging itself is made of plastic so it’s lightweight, but it’s not like a cheap plastic material, it’s durable at the very least. It’s a plus I guess since if you’re going to carry it with you everyday, it won’t add in your handbag’s weight.

(Sorry about the sponge/applicator, I’ve already used it so it’s a little dirty)

My shade is No. 21 which is a lighter shade. I have fair complexion and has a normal to combination skin, my T-zone usually hoards all the oil in my face at the end of the day. Who’s with me?! haha

This magic cushion has a medium to full coverage so any imperfection will be hidden from the eyes of the public 😀 It also blends easily using the sponge/applicator it comes with, but I haven’t tried using a brush or another beauty sponge so I can’t say if it will apply the same. Also, it’s not heavy on the face. Overall, I love it!

FYI, since it’s a sunscreen and BB cream in one, you need to do touch-ups every now and then through out the day so it’s not really longwearing like other make-up base you get in the market.

Anywho, I hope you enjoyed reading my entry for this week. Please don’t forget to like if you did and comment your fave make-up cushion below.


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