Haul: Face Mask Madness

Hi guys! I have been slacking lately and I’m sorry, good thing I had a scheduled blog post last week. I thought I would be able to fight through my laziness and lax attitude but I guess I still need to work on it more.

Anyway, enough with this unrelated topic. Let’s jump right into my haul!


I have quite a few masks that has been accumulated through lots and lots of online shopping (a big blow on my bank account 😛 ) But, since I’ve been really into skin care right now I have been enjoying adding it on my routine once/twice a week.

Here we have face masks from Esfolio:

First is the Snail Essence Mask that helps comfort and hydrates dry skin. Honey Essence Mask purifies and firms. While Aloe Essence Mask helps smoothen rough skin. We also have Volcanic Ash Essence Mask which is good for deep pore cleansing, lifting away dead skin cells, dirt and oil. Lastly, we have the Collagen Essence Mask which deeply moisturize and rejuvenate the skin, also helps lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Next stop, eye masks from Tony Moly and PUREDERM:
Panda’s Dream Eye Patch
 moisturize and brighten the under eye area while Collagen Eye Zone Mask helps restore moisture and elasticity, it also diminish the signs of aging.

I hope you enjoyed reading this entry, don’t forget to like and leave some comments. Do let me know of your personal fave masks, toodle loo~ ❤

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