Current Skin Care Routine

I know no one asked but I just really want to share my current skin care routine because this has been the most simple and direct approach I ever had since I learned about beauty products and cosmetics in general. We’ll never know, you might be interested on the products I use in maintaining my youthful appearance (*wink)

Let’s start with cleansing shall we? As of the moment I am using the Green Tea Foaming Cleanser from Innisfree. I bought mine last March 2018 and I’ve been using it for eight months now, you don’t need a lot of product per wash, only a tiny bit and you’re good to go. For it’s price, I can say that it’s worth it. 

Then we move on to “Toner”, mine is the Witch Hazel Facial Mist from Beauty Bakery (BeautyMNL) This product gives me a lot of benefits aside from being a toner and facial mist. Whenever I have acne/pimple, it kind of helps with the redness and inflammation. Also, since it claims to rid the skin of bacteria, I also believe it helps in preventing any breakout specially when the time of the month comes knocking on the door. 

In the past I have more products lathered up on my face before putting on moisturizer, but now I only use the Heal All Tamanu Oil from Skin Genie (BeautyMNL) Now, this product works wonders on my skin. I have this small bumps around the area of my nose since I was in college and it has been a huge issue of mine, I tried a few remedies to get rid of them but to no avail, I even tried facials which was, OMG!!! Too painful!! Little did I know, I’ll find the solution from a tiny roller ball bottle/vial? haha. The Heal All Tamanu Oil comes in a 10 ml roller bottle which by the way is not that bad. I had mine maybe around July 2018 and I’ve only used up half of it. It’s heaven sent! 

Then the last product would be, of course, Sun Screen. In my quest to find different types of sunscreen, I stumbled upon a sunblock which is in powder formula. Everyone, meet Catrin’s Natural 100 Mineral Sunkill RX. Bought mine from Althea. It doesn’t only offer protection from the sun but also provides a light coverage which is a plus! 

That’s everything for my skin care routine! I hope you didn’t get bored reading it. haha. If you did enjoy it and/or want to try some of the products I’ve mentioned, please don’t forget to like and leave some comments. Let me know what holy grail products you have in your routine. Till next time~!

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