Featured Manhwa: Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Hey guys~! Back again with my anime/manhwa obsession post. Today features an action packed story with a little sprinkle of humor.

The plot is not that unique, now a days most of the manga/manhwa are based on either RPG or some plot twist where the protagonist is brought to another dimension or world of magic and/or fantasy. But, that’s not the plot in this story, it’s just a simple RPG game that is currently the craze in their world.

Our main character of course is Hardcore Leveling Warrior. He’s an arrogant little punk and the top player of the game. So far, it’s still not clear why he was targeted by someone and ended up with nothing but his wits and experiences.

That’s where the story really started, he’s now struggling to get what he has lost and is now accompanied by new friends he did not expect to find. (He’s a lone wolf before and a bully as well) He’s a bully but you can’t help but love him either way 😛

If you’re into this type of genre, I totally recommend Hardcore Leveling Warrior. I’ll leave a link below if you’re interested. Enjoy~!

About the Manhwa:

Title: Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Written by: Sehoon Kim

Illustrated by: Sehoon Kim

Genre: Action, Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy, Webtoon

Status: Ongoing

Link: Webtoon


**I don’t own any of the photos used in this blog post. All credits to the owner, respectively.

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