Sustainable Swaps


Hello friends from all over the globe and welcome to a new segment in my blog. Should I call it segment? It’s not like it’s a TV show or something 😛 Anyway, this one is my own way of making an effort towards sustainable living. I’ll share my efforts on achieving this goal and hopefully inspire you to do so.

In this fast paced consumer-centered time we have right now, almost everything is instant, like instant noodles, haha. We sometimes fail to notice that our world can not keep up with this drastic and “amazing” changes/developments.

Aside from the fact that most of our own resources are almost used up. The result of this developments caused the destruction of the very home we are living in. One of which is the amount of trash we produce every. single. day.

So, today’s post is all about sustainable swaps I made in order to help lessen the junk I generate in my everyday life and just because there may only be one of me, I believe it still helps and if one of my readers do the same, then that’ll be two out of bazillion human being in the planet.

1. Disposable Menstrual Pads ➡ Re-usable Menstrual Pads

– if it’s not obvious enough, I’m a woman, and a woman bleeds every month (TMI) and when the monthly visitor comes, the item that helps me deal with it is my menstrual pads. (Some uses tampons but I’m a pad girl) Most of us don’t really put a lot of thought on what will be the end of this item once discarded right? Well, for me at least, in the past, I just thought that as long as it goes in the bin then that’s good enough. But if we think about it thoroughly, menstrual pads/tampons are made to withstand the amount of bodily fluid we produce in the V area and so it is VERY durable which in turn will have a very hard time decomposing. THAT is very bad for mother earth! So I decided to swap the disposable pads with reusable ones. There are a lot of other options in the market right now: menstrual cups, menstrual panties and many others. I know it’s a bit overwhelming at first because you’ll need to wash it yourself and it’s a bit icky, but the thought that I will no longer add up on the accumulated trash we currently have is more satisfying and rewarding.


2. Cotton Buds/Q-tips ➡ Re-usable Q-tip

–  Here’s another one that we just can’t live without anymore. Mainly because of hygienic purposes, but this wonderful tool is mostly made of a small plastic rod with two small wads of cotton on both ends. We all know plastic is also VERY durable, it can last for hundreds and hundreds of years. Of course there are also some that are made of wood and even rolled paper but most prefer the plastic one because of the durability. But, since this are disposables, it still adds up on the land fills. (Some even ends up in the ocean) For the swap, I bought myself a metal “q-tip”, it does the job and I like it!


3. Disposable Cotton Pads/Rounds & Wet Wipes ➡ Small Face Towels 

– According to some information I got from the world-wide-web, cotton usually decomposes within 1-5 months but if we take into account the accumulated trash in the land fill or any other bins that are not properly segregated, the chemical reaction will affect the decomposition. (Lesson: Segregation and proper compost is key) My swap, I now use small face towels. There are also reusable “cotton pads” available now but I don’t have the budget to buy bulk so I opted with what I already have. Of course, you can also make one if you’re feeling a bit crafty.


4. Plastic Toothbrush ➡ Bamboo Toothbrush

– This one is a little bit popular right now, because why not? These tools are made of a very sturdy material, (drum roll), plastic! The ever substantial plastic. Hey! I’m not saying plastic is evil, it’s not, it is one of the most amazing discoveries humans made. But, how it is being used right now is very deteriorating to the environment. Single use plastic is everywhere and we are having a little bit of a problem on how to properly dispose of it. Every single human being brush their teeth and according to the dentist, you need to change your toothbrush 3-4 months after use. Now, imagine the number of people on earth and multiply it with four (12 months divide by 3 would be 4). How many used toothbrushes does that count in a year? And those numbers will be on earth for a thousand of years. That’s very appalling, you can literally imagine the world being covered by it. So I decided to switch to a more Eco friendly alternative, bamboo toothbrush. Woop~ woop~ 🙌🏻


5. Plastic Straw ➡ Bamboo Straw

– Sustainable swaps for this item is as popular as the plastic toothbrush, but unlike it, straws are usually used by a lot of people in a day to day basis, thus being discarded almost every minute everyday. I was actually introduced to sustainable living or the “Zero Waste” movement because I saw a video of a turtle who was rescued since a straw was stuck in one of its nose, when the straw was being removed, the turtle’s nose was really bleeding and it really hit me hard. That’s the first of many reasons why I decided to really get into this movement. As to the “Sustainable Living” and the “Zero Waste” movement is concerned, that’s another blog post in the future, I’ll just focus first on the swaps I made, so going back, I bought myself a bamboo straw and I never looked back!


6. Disposable Razor ➡ Safety Razor

– This one also has the same effect with the toothbrush. Razors now a days are mostly made of plastic and is usually disposable. The horror that a single use plastic can inflict on earth has never even crossed my mind, I was just living my life the way most people do and using what consumerism has provided us with. But, now that I’ve been introduced to “Sustainability” and/or “Zero Waste”, I’ve been more conscious on my waste management. For my swap, I bought myself a very sturdy and pretty safety razor, it’s a bit expensive but who cares! I will be only using this from now on so I won’t be buying another disposable razor ever again!


7. Disposable Water Bottle ➡ Re-usable Water Bottle

– This swap is like hitting two birds with one stone. I won’t be adding up to the water bottle trash that keeps on piling up every second everyday plus I’ll be saving my money from buying the disposable ones every time I feel thirsty. There’s actually a lot of pros in sustainability than what meets the eye, wink~ wink~!


8. Disposable Cutlery ➡ Re-usable Spork

– At first I didn’t really thought of this swap as much because usually restaurants offer re-usable cutlery whenever you dine in, but then I realize, I usually choose to-go and what you usually get with your order is the disposable ones. So I bought myself the re-usable spork, cute and Eco friendly!


9. Plastic Bag ➡ Cloth Bags

– Thankfully, our city has already implemented the anti-plastic bag law, but, paper bags is not that sturdy specially when you’re out grocery shopping. So I decided to buy cloth bags from the thrift store! Fashionable and re-usable~


There’s a lot more ways to support this wonderful movement and a lot of options if you truly want to switch but here’s the catch, following along a sustainable lifestyle takes A LOT of EFFORT (like what Deadpool said: #MAXIMUMEFFORT) but to be truly honest, for me at least, it has more pros than cons specially with your finances and mother earth will thank you for it!

I really hope you did enjoy my little rambling, also, I hope it motivates you to do something as well. You don’t really need to switch your whole lifestyle in one fell swoop, just do it bit by bit and make it a habit. You also don’t need to buy every eco-friendly swaps you’ll find, just remember this: You don’t need to spend every single dime to start into this movement, just do what you can to minimize your waste. Besides, sometimes, you already have what you need and you can always opt to be more creative by doing some DIY or recycle some stuff.

Don’t forget to like and share ♡ Have a good one!~Blog Signature

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