Featured Manhwa: Solo Leveling by Sung-Lak Jang

I’m so excited for this entry! I just discovered this webtoon this year but I got hooked big time. Last month I got sick and while resting at home I usually find myself scrolling over the web for a new manhwa/webtoon to read (because I’ve been up to date with my other faves) then I stumbled upon this work of art, haha.

Adventure, action, fantasy and a sprinkle of bishōnen here and there and I’m sold! The protagonist in this story is Sung Jin-Woo, he’s an average guy if you ask me but if we take into account the kind of world he’s living in then I guess he’s a bit special than the rest of the “average” guys out there.

Ten years before our story started, the world was suddenly introduced to a bizarre phenomenon where a Gate to another dimension opened thus resulting to unworldly beings appearing out of nowhere. In no time, selected few were awakened and became Hunters. If you guessed it, congratulations! Our main man is also a hunter but here’s the catch, he’s the weakest of them all.

Hunters like any other society has classes/levels/ranks. The highest being an S Rank and the lowest being an E Rank. Jin-woo is categorized as an E Rank Hunter and he’s pretty useless in his job.

Nonetheless, he still try his hardest because it’s the only source of income he has to support his little sister and his bedridden mother.

One eventful raid, his party unexpectedly encountered a double lair inside the gate they entered. They eventually decided to enter the second level of the dungeon to gain more magical core, which can be obtained through slaying a monster, and/or mana crystals which are only found in a dungeon. These items can be exchanged for money and that’s how they earn.

You’ve got one scary face there bro!

The decision to venture further drastically changed their lives, heck, some even lost them. Jin-Woo who almost lost any hope of being saved from the eminent danger received an unexpected gift from the near death experience he went through.

⚠️ Caution: If you read any further, there might be some spoilers so if you don’t want that you can just scroll down to the very bottom of this post and click on the link so you can start reading this manhwa.


Jin-woo went through a double awaking and nobody noticed it. His new found skill is like a gamer (totally different from “The Gamer” in it’s own way, trust me), where he can see pop-ups that displays his stats, level, list of abilities, a daily quest and even an inventory. If you think it has the same cliche happenings like any other supernatural manhwa out there where the protagonist suddenly gets a boost in power and becomes this unbeatable being after an accident/incident you’ll definitely get disappointed.

Although he got this new skill that is close to a cheat, he still needs to work his butt off and follow a regimen like One Punch Man had. The only thing that makes no sense to me is the development of his appearance (though I’m not complaining at all!!~). After training his physique and gaining a lot of fighting experience thanks to his new skill that offers him his very own dungeons, he went into puberty again. He became taller and a lot more cooler!

However, it’s not always rainbows and unicorns. Jin-Woo still occasionally get hunted by his past self that was branded as the Weakest Hunter and he still struggles from what he went through in the double lair dungeon that’s why he is still a bit skeptical in trusting others.

The author never fails to hype me up whenever I read another chapter and don’t even make me start with the art style, it’s just so damn good. I’m all for the fighting scenes, it’s exhilarating. Sometimes I find myself jumping or kicking in excitement. (I’m an otaku alright, haha)

I hope this article made sense and I hope you enjoyed my rambling. If you did, please don’t forget to like and share ♡

More to come!

About the Manhwa:

Title: Solo Leveling

Author: Sung-Lak Jang

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen, Webtoon

Status: Ongoing

Link: https://mangakakalot.com/manga/pn918005

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**I don’t own any of the photos used in this blog post. All credits to the owner, respectively.


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