Slowing Down

It has been forever since my last post and I’ve had a few topics I’d like to share but I’m having a hard time finding my motivation to write, when 2019 started I’ve been really inspired and motivated to finally make my blogging game work but just like last year, I fell of the momentum. I’m not sure if it’s because of PMS or I just can’t keep my focus and drive.

I do enjoy writing and sharing things that might interest and help others, but most of the time, I let myself get drowned by distractions and ended up wasting the rest of the day watching only KDrama, TV series and/or reading manhwa online. Neglecting the creative things I do enjoy (i.e. drawing, writing). But, I’ve decided not to be too hard on myself, keeping in mind that I need to take control of my time properly.

This post is actually just a journal entry for when I look back in the future and reminisce the moments in my life (good & bad). #EmbraceTheChaos #LetGoOfTheThingsYouCantControl #FocusOnThingsYouCan

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